Trinity Knot Stained Glass Lamp

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This stained glass lamp with its ring of Trinity knots represents many life meanings.  The Trinity knot with its three points represent the powerful symbols of the holy trinity (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit) or love, friendship, and strength or youth, adulthood, and old age or earth, sea, and sky. The interweaving lines, without beginning or end, represent eternity.  It is quite a powerful symbol and applicable across different religions, heritages, and cultures. 

This lamp has a glass shade with an off white background.  The ring of trinity knots is of a blue green textured glass. Each knot sits in a celtic swirl of crossing lines made up of a blue green untextured glass.  Around the top, surrounding the metal plate and finial is a beautiful flower-like Celtic knot.  The whole shade is also accentuated with tear drop shaped clear stones.

It is 21.25 inches tall and the shade has a diameter of 13.50 inches.  The lamp holds two light bulbs which ultimately produces outstanding light that makes the Celtic design come to life.  Each light bulb is turned on and off by a pull chain which enables less light if desired.  The light bulb required is type A and can be up to 60 watts.