Tree of Life Stained Glass Lamp

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This beautiful lamp represents the Celtic symbol of balance, harmony, and rebirth. In Celtic culture trees are the spiritual connection to family and ancestoors - a connection between earth and heaven, the tree roots and its branches. It connects all lives or the cycle of life and death itself. Some believe the tree of life is said to bring good luck and wisdom. 

The lamp shade, made of glass, has an off white background with amber glass for the tree and branches.  It includes glass stones of blue, red, and golden colors. The height of the lamp is 20 inches.  The shade forms a square shape at the bottom which measures 9 x 9 inches.  The diagonal measurement of that square is 12.5 inches.  The height of the shade is 8 inches.  Adding to the elegance of the lamp are the pull chains used to turn the lamp on and off. The base is made of a heavy resin. The lamp takes up to a 60 watt,  type A bulb.