Shawl Neck Cardigan

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For the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, make this cardigan part of your wardrobe. Made of 100% great quality merino wool, this timeless piece is soft and cozy and it makes you both comfortable and sophisticated. Durable and breathable, this type of wool is perfect for any season as it has great heat insulating properties . Delicate Aran cable patterns in different variations decorate this piece, making it a truly statement Irish piece. Cable stitching represents fishermen's ropes and was originally knitted by their wives as a wish for safety and good luck when going out into the sea.

The stunning shawl collar which can be worn down or up if the weather turns a bit chilly, beautifully frames the neck and face giving you a distinctly feminine appearance. A set of black football buttons run down the center of the cardigan adding timeless style and practicality. Small front pockets feature ribbing at the top and are designed to keep your hands warm and cozy.
Handwash only in cold water with mild soap, Lay flat to dry.