Guinness Pint Tulip Toucan Glass

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Guinness is one of the most famous stout beers in the world. Whether served at room temperature straight from the keg as in Ireland or in a chilled glass in America, it has quenched thirsts for over 250 years.

Not served in an ordinary beer mug, Guinness has its own distinct glass known as a "pint." Holding 16 ounces of the world's most famous dark beer, it can be pre-chilled in the freezer without breaking. This cannot be done with ordinary pint mugs.

The glass is now available with the famous, "Guinness Toucan Tulip" printed on the front of the glass. These beautiful glasses are a great addition to parties at any time of year. Begin a collection for the next Super Bowl celebration or use during the football season. A set of these special glasses will make a perfect graduation, birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. Of course, one can always start one's own collection- no explanation needed.