Celtic Heritage Throw

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Add a note of elegance to your home and cherish the Celtic heritage with our Celtic Heritage Throw. Made right in the heart of Ireland, this throw is a way of paying homage to the traditional Irish craft of knitwear, transposed into a design that suits modern interior design. The design depicts a Novelty pattern, which has the symbolism of a Shield Celtic Knot, representing protection of all evil. 

Besides the charming design, this throw is also made out of a premium quality wool blend, which is very soft to the touch, with a luxurious feeling on the skin, just perfect to wrap yourself in after a long day. Due to wool’s properties, our throw is very warm but perfectly breathable for the ultimate comfort. It does not only feel amazing, but it guarantees to preserve its brand new condition over the years, especially if taken proper care of.

For best results, we recommend gently hand washing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat.

This throw measures 71 inches or 180 cm in length and 41 inches and 104 cm in width