Cable Knit Shamrock Scarf

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An ideal St. Patrick’s Day accessory for anyone Irish or who wishes they were! This thick Cable Knit Shamrock Scarf is designed by Saol, one of the top producers of Irish knitwear in the world. Made from 100% Merino wool that has been pre-treated to ensure durability, warmth, and softness wear after wear. The cable knit pattern that gives this chunky scarf its beautiful texture also adds an extra level of warmth because the raised patterns trap heat from the body which acts to warm the cooler air from outside. These patterns date back over a century to the remote Aran Islands off Ireland’s west coast when they were incorporated into thick wool sweaters worn by rural Irish fishermen to keep them insulated against the Atlantic winds. 

The three shamrock detail at either end of the scarf is a fun showcase for Ireland’s most beloved plant, which was used by St. Patrick himself to teach the native Irish about the holy trinity and convert the island to Catholicism in the early Middle Ages.