Claddagh Bracelet

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Holding the key to a lasting relationship, the Claddagh Bracelet bears the unmistakable Claddagh symbol- a heart with a crown placed on top being held by two outreaching hands. The circular charm is encrusted with splendid white crystals from Swarovski®, adding further elegance to the piece.
The lucky person wearing this Claddagh bracelet with Swarovski crystals may choose to wear it with the bottom of the heart facing towards the body, which tradition dictates to mean her heart has been taken by another, or turned away from the body, stating that she is single and waiting for the right person to share those values with. 
METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT: 2.4 grams
WIDTH: 18mm
HEIGHT: 18mm
LENGTH: 7" - 8.5" Inches
MAIN STONE: Swarovski White Crystals