Arin Twisted Trinity Pearl Necklace

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Arianrhod was the Goddess of the moon and stars.
She is the Celtic Goddess of “Fertility, Rebirth and the Weaving of Cosmic Time and Fate”.

The name “Arianrhod” is derived from the Welsh arian, “silver,” and rhod, “wheel”.

Her name has been translated as “Silver-Wheel”, a symbol that represents
the ever-turning wheel of the year, a symbol of our own journey each year…

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: Rhodium Plating on 925 Sterling Silver

Stones: 1.75 mm x 7 pcs, 2 mm x 16 pcs + 12.4 mm White Shell MOP

Height: 50mm mm

Chain: 18-20″ Spiga