Irish Coffee Glasses - 2 Pack

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If you’re tired of plain, boring coffee and want to spice up your day with some Irish coffee, make sure you enjoy it in these Irish Coffee Glasses.

These glasses come in a classic Irish coffee glass shape, complete with a long body, sleek handle, and elegantly designed stem and base.

Giving these glasses even more Irish flair is a decorative design on the front featuring a circle of delicate shamrock flowers surrounding a bigger shamrock flower in the center that is labeled ‘Irish,’ and below is another label that says ‘Coffee,’ all in Celtic lettering.

This lovely front design comes in white, which allows it to contrast beautifully with the deep earthy brown color of Irish coffee poured into the glass.

Anyone who is proudly Irish loves to wear the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland. It is also a symbol of good fortune and served as a beacon of hope when the Irish were under oppressive English rule in the 19th century.

Make this glass set a fresh addition to your drinking glass collection that you can enjoy with friends!