Silver Celtic Intricate Knot Bead

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Charming, sterling silver Tara's Diary bead encrusted with shining white Swarvoski® crystals and featuring intricate intertwining knot and cut-out heart details. 

The beauty in the white crystals is their nod to bright energy, purity, and wholeness. Swarovski crystals in bright, white nestled between beautiful Celtic knot detailing signify starting anew, starting fresh and finding wholeness on a crossing of paths. Beautifully crafted, the design not only shines brightly on a Tara's Diary charm bracelet but represents a fresh start or devotion to a bright future. The bead also features darling, heart cut-out details along the bottom and top borders of the bead. Brilliant crystals, interconnecting Celtic knots, and heart designs craft a 'pure-of-heart' bead to represent the next step in your personal journey with your Tara's Diary Collection. 

A positive and simple gesture of truth, bright energy, and purity, add this bead to your own Tara's Diary collection or gift this piece to a friend. This carefully crafted bead is sure to inspire and draw attention. 


METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT: 1.5 grams
WIDTH: 10mm